Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 1st update.

Im supposed to do it like in the very beginning of 2009 kot but wth, i've been tagged n i just want to get it done. Just bear in mind, i may not give the same answer if i redo the survey. Its just what i could think of at that point. but i do think real hard "is it really in 2008?or was it this year?".makcik pelupe..

2008 Awards

Best day Award- Konvo Silat Cekak
Best Memory Award - with the one i used to be with. bittersweet moments.
Best Friend Award - Those who are there when im in need.
New Friend Award - sapekah?sy x de kwn baru sgt pon.
Best Enemy Award - My lazyness
Song of The Year - Im Yours
Movie of the year - Quantom of Solace
Male Singer of the year - Faizal Tahirkah?
Female singer of the year - my vote goes to Yuna
Duo/Band of the year - Hujan
Actor of the year - Penn Bradley
Actress of the year - Keira Knightly
TV program of the year - John & Kate plus 8
DJ of the year - Farah Fauzana?
TV host of the year - Oprah Winfrey
Scandal of the year - Memey Gedix n Norman Gatal
Best Hang Out Spot - bilik shepah n the gang (markas gossip girls)
Best Cinema - TGV (popcorn die lg sedap)
Best Eating Place - Planet Tomyam
Best Bowling Spot - times square(i rarely bowl)
Best Bookshop - kinokuniya(as if i always go there)
Best Shopping Spot - place of good bargain n sales!
Best Karaoke Spot - Redbox best, karaoke jamban pon sonok!
Mostly Done Activity - talk n talk n talk
Best Website - Facebook
Other awards you would like to give
Best Things Ever - finally listen to my guts, getting a fresh start n fresh look on life.
9 people you wanna tag- nabil, zilla, sue, sape2 yg blom wat.sila2.