Friday, September 26, 2008

life sux

Currently hate my life and everyone closely related to it. I wish my life would be different... I dont think this raya would be fun. n i think it would be my worst ever. Some people are just lucky. y can i b? im being ungrateful. i know. anger n frustration made me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last month, 31 Aug to be exact, i went to this Rantai Art Event at Jaya One, PJ. Yea, i was so last month for god sake, cerite dah basi, but i still want to write it out. It was Merdeka Day, (in case u guys happen to forget), so instead of the usual Merdeka parade which i went last year with Fairus to see Hafiz march actually, my celebration this year was a bit different.

Last year, M'sia's 50th Merdeka

This year, MY 51st Merdeka Celebration

*pictures will b uploaded later*

There were indie band performance like Couple, skudap skudip, so & so...i was excitedly waiting to see couple performs actually but we couldnt. They were the closing act of the day and sadly we had to get back early. And ow, 'we' here are me, Teha n her couz Shila. Hafiz didnt want to go out that Sunday n i remember that Teha ade ajak to go to that event. HOWEVER, I got to see the vocalist, Aidil live though n he smiled at me when i bumped into him (i know that he smile at every1 but still~ haha..). I got to c Dugong n Am of Hujan as well. Regardless of what people might think or say, they are still one of my fav band at the moment. (now i sound like a fanatic). But sadly no pictures taken with them as i was too INappropriately shy to ask. Damn! Y? Haiyo!

There were also booth of indie labels selling cute clothes and stuff...but all i can afford was this RM14 mouth-shape-tounge-sticking-out necklace. T T. I need money!bad!

Yea, last year Merdeka Parade was more meriah, but i enjoy this year celebration as well. Thanx Teha teman aku!


Its the month of Ramadhan now. So before it ends (well, 18 days has past actually) i wanna wish whoever is concern Happy Ramadhan Kareem. So people, see no evil , speak no evil n hear no evil. May this month brings barakah and blessing from the Almighty. =)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Since everyone is blogging now, i dont wanna be left behind. I know that im not a good storyteller nor am i a good essay writer. It takes me like forever to start with an introduction..n then i left my writings unfinished..huhu~it happens all the times, even in exams..n it s*cks. but,wth..

It was in june that i planned to start a blog because i was damn bored during the 3 month semester break. I was online all the time,but then, i goes 'nantilah'....the 'nantilah' continues n my hols has already end, while new semester begins with tons of quizzes, asignments, midterms, surely made me accupied until the midterm break..Hee~,i finally have loads of spare time now but not for long. Its the last day of my 7days hols actually. Back to the 'nantilah'... well,of course it has come to an end. I've finally created a blog! Yeay! clap3. Wait, on 2nd thought, what am i so excited for? This is a burden!

Ok, this will be like my on9 diary, well sort of. I dont intend to write a lot but post a lot of pictures instead (but i may change my mind through time). Can i? Ah, hu cares, its my blog after all. hee~cheers to all.

p/s:im an amature here, be nice to me ok.