Monday, April 13, 2009

Missing them..

nephews and niece. rafiq si abg, raziq si whinning, zarif si comel lote, alesya si princess one n only..

ingatkan balik kejap ri jumaat ri2 bley jumpe skali rafiq raziq. tapi dorang dah g ngaji n tros balik ampang. alesha pon x ikut plak amik rafiq raziq, xdpt jumpe si kenit tu. last jumpe zarif, die nangis sgt2 sampai dada berombak, nafas bunyi2..takut. he's not well then, hopefully getting better. ee geram, zarif yg comel.

ala,k.niz dah xkeje astro..xdapat g konsert2 free lagi..huhu. gud luck with ur new job nway!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Selama ni singgah2 je jengok blog, ape kabar gamaknye, sihat ke x, tp sgt malas nak post. OK, updates sepanjang 2 bulan. After so many years knowing Odah, i finally got to hang out with her. Zaman skola2 dulu mak die x bagi, but maybe she realize now that Odah dah besar, dh bley jadi bini org pon. This was so last month.

That's also the time when i bought a long dress that i was long aiming for but couldnt find a cheap one and a suitable occasion(if i do buy it). But thanx to the trip to Sabah this end of April, i find one good reason y i should and the long dress is only rm39! Imagine that.

Problem is (but not for me), it has too much patterns and colors that bother mama and abg naz damn much. "OMG IYLIA!!",katanye. eh,since when abg naz pandai gune ayat2 sebegini? "FYI ABGNAZ, IDC..whatever!" dont blame me if i like the flavors of 'say cheese' when ur definition of sedap is the typical 'chocoholic'. ok, JSUK, im talking Big Apple now.

'Sirah Junjungan' been there, seen that. It was good but sadly, umat2 x berminat cerita2 islamic. PGL, penuh, bile SJ, kosong. Not that im an avid theater follower. This was just my 2nd time. My 1st was 'Randai' with mama n papa kat ampang suatu mase dulu. Ow, x sempat g Sabah, i wore the dress sudah. Huhu..n Fatin is among of many who praise my dress la (bukan belagak, just a shoutout for mama n abgnaz). Hihi.

This was yesterday;
Izyan : Allah salallahu alaihi wassalam.
Iylia & Mama : (gelak x ingat dunia). Allah subhana wa ta'ala la..