Friday, November 28, 2008


It was last monday when i went out with my girls; nabil, ino n wani (note: nabil is a girl). I wait for years (sure im exagerating) to finally go out with them. Last time we hang out was during the previous semester break, which was also a mid year hols. I didnt take short sem at that time.
I just called nabil utk ajak kuar ramai2, but basically she do the calling. Susah nak tunggu sume orang cuti nih. But hajar still got exams n netball game whatsoever. So she's out of the picture..haha, nx time la babe. Ko mmg ade2 je. On last minute Mimi couldn't join because her 100bugs just went down the drain to settle out saman on losing matric card n room keys. So she's currently not in the mood of kuar2.."katanya" . Ieb plak demam, so she could'nt make it.

Originally, ino wanted to go to times square to play bowl there, but mimi objects. Nak g sogo je, bley karaoke n jalan2 Maju Junction jap tengok barang. We hv agreed on that, so bile mimi xjadi pegi pon, we still went there. Well as usual, Nabil was the 1st to arrive (but she was still late an hour though..hehe). Typical me, being casually late, i was still cought in the traffic jam tp sangat dekat dah. Tu pon it took me like 30 minutes utk sampai kat nabil ( after parking n all. i parked outside sogo, cheaper, rm3.90 per entry ^_^ but of course lebey jauh). Xde pe sangat pon sogo, no sales n they are renovating. We head to McD, really starving at 2pm. Then came Wani, followed by Ino.

After we had our stomach full, kitorg pon g karaoke, but not at the exclusive redbox but only at karaoke jamban rm1 per song..huhu. At first nabil n ino were like "xnak2, ktorg xnak nyanyi, korg je la nyanyi, kitorg tengok je'. Last2, when they saw wani n i had fun singing, they are all pump up. Dorg plak excited nak nyanyi lagi..haha. So we were like back and forth to the counter to buy the tokens. God knows how many songs we sang that day..haha. Nabil kate "best la, nnt nak karaoke lagi la"..haha. We sang our lungs out smpai sakit2 tekak. Sumbang pon sumbang la janji happy.(^_^)y

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My brother, izyan showed me a clip of this wonderful wise man. I was awed and amazed with his knowledge and how he put it through his words. He had successfully explained the beauty of Islam that has always been misunderstood by the ignorance and the truth about the religion. Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, was a south african and a very respected man. He died after 6 years suffering from strok. I was slightly terkejut and sad rather when i finally found out about it, the loss of a great man. If only Muslims can produce tons of Ahmad Deedats. In 1993, Majalah 3 went to South Africa, they did a coverage on this Muslim scholar, but his already bed ridden at the time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just got back from BMI last nite, after almost a whole day of work n fun. It was the 2nd wajadiri, ( the 1st one was last year, organized by UIA) and our neighbour BMI need some hands. So jumaat hari tu ktorg gerak pegi BMI. It was 8 of us all together. Bile duduk kt JPM ( klu uia pgl OR) tgh tunggu utk dibagi keje, BMI committees kuar masok la bilik tu. Tbe2 bley jumpe x-schoolmate lak, amzar kt situ. Dulu kat konvo sijil rendah cekak pn jumpe sorang schoolmate, die cwgn kepong kot xsilap (wani kate name die azim).

Jumaat xde pe sgt. After briefing and all, we were taken to a lil tour of tempat2 the event will take place kt BMI tu. Kul 11pm, since we hvn't had our dinner yet, ktorg g planet tomyam n then to uptown, sebab de yg x bwk kasut n tudung biru 4 tomorrow. So they just wanted 2 buy those stuff there, dkt je pon danau kota. Kitorg incharge of the handing out of foods (participants, juries, vips) so there were like 2 tents provided n dewan mkn. Esok pg, sabtu we were there as early as 7, as participants will take their breakfast. Xde masalah pon, sbb ktorg tdo kat hostel BMI. Keje kitorg continues each meal time la basically; lunch n tea break.

Tp time2 kosong tu ktorg bley tgk ipt2 competing. There were 4-5 categories each for female n male. Best, dis year the competition utk bdk2 laki mmg stiff, team bgos2. Even Kolej TLDM yg tip top last year pn x menang pe2 dis year. Tapi wanita, UIA mmg hebat dlm setiap kategori. Their hard work pays, they won 1st in all the categories n juara keseluruhan wanita. Tahniah korg! Bangga wp x msok. Hehe. This year wajadiri rse lagi best sbb i see familiar faces n meet new friends, komiti2 bmi yg friendly. Thanx 4 welcoming us.

*gamba x sempat amik byk, batery camera habis.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mac/iPod Discovery Week @ Pavilion KL Concourse

* This is the detail on my fulfilled plan number 7
Its on last Sunday, November 16th. Well, if its about seing bands performing, it would hv been with cicit/fateha. She rang me to tell bout that event and of course i said yes. It started at 4 but we arrived a bit late. Cit came to Keramat from sg.buloh to fetch me at a nearby petronas. My dad was on his way out, so he drop me there as cit is not familiar with the place. It rains heavily at the time but it does not prevent us from going. We basically followed the map drew by my dad along the way to Pavilion, sebab x ingat jalan, takut sesat...haha. Yuna was still performing at the time. Thank God. But we only manage to hear 2 songs from her. Its ok though because i got to hear 'After Midnight' live. Then, there were Couple with their songs. I had a delicious Jco donut before we went home. It couldnt get even better. The day was great, thanx Cit.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My New Crush

Well, Nanny Diaries didnt do much for me..but i've watched Disturbia last week at HBO and i suddently admires that kiddo Shia LaBeouf..haha. I know that he's starring in Transformers, Indiana Jones and Eagle Eye, all of which i haven't seen. But before, im not really into him because of his babyface and jambu look. Im not that excited to see him in a movie but only in eagle eye because the trailer seems great. But after watching this, seriously my perception changed. His acting and personality in that movie wows me. I begin to feel that his kinda cute though yet smart and rough looking with his appearance and acting style. His side kick, that asian guy's acting is good too, they are so natural and funny. See the trailer;

*ow, n the girl has seriously smoking body. if only mine were like that.haha.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wishlist/ Plan/ Whatever u may call it

All to be done during this 5 weeks holiday!

* checked/ done!

*must be done!

  1. g tengok movie after exam is over * (its James Bond, Quantom of Solace. All i can say is that the money spent was worth it)
  2. buy a shoe * (i dont get the black peep toe that i wanted, n not the blue wedges either. Shepa influenced me to buy a beige pointing shoe with 2-3 inch heel sbb murah gile kt vinci. I actually wanted to buy the red one at first)
  3. Present 4 Abgnaz's Birthday * (i got it from Isetan, KLCC..a very good deal, Izyan likes it too)
  4. scaling * (only cost me rm2 at gov clinic at kramat. I went there alone. Well, im an independent woman nw, a trooper..haha)
  5. Buat Facebook *
  6. Update my blog *
  7. Mac/iPod Discovery Week @ Pavilion KL Concourse- Yuna, Couple * (not only we got to c yuna n couple, but andy flop poppy as well. not that im excited to c him,but just informing)
  8. Watch Nanny Diaries * (x best sangat pon. Not as entertaining as i was expected)
  9. Committee for BMI -Pertandingan Wajadiri IPT Kebangsaan Silat Cekak Msia *
  10. Go out with my buddies, my long-time-havent-seen schoolmates especially *
  11. Tidy up bilik tgh yg full with boxes from the renovation. *
  12. decorating *
  13. Try McD new meal 4 madagascar 2. *
  14. Fish Spa with Mama *
  15. Buy a jeans *
  16. Supporter 4 Sukan Universiti Asia *

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Diary

I typed these from my laptop during the exam week, and i dont hv on9 coverage at the time.

Life Change, People Move On

Date : 2.11.2008
Time : 8.30 pm

I can’t be lying and said that single life is better. To be honest, I’m still adjusting myself but im doing okay now, not great, just fine. I’m slowly getting better, sure with tears once in a while (bocor rahsia aku). Learning to stand on my own feet and discovering myself after depending too much on others for years. This is what I want so I should be able to live with it. Allah help me through n through, it’s the fact that we sometimes forget (I, i mean). Hanya mencari disaat hiba. I know things happen for a reason. I should accept whatever that had happened. Be grateful, because He knows best.
Jiha save me a seat. Im joining your club! Hahaha…section open.

Moment to ponder

Date : 3.11.2008
Time : 7.15 pm

“In life, Allah may not give you the things that you want, but He gives you the things that you need. To remind you of whom you are and what you should be.”

Nabila forwarded this message to me long time ago. It struck me deep at first. I sometimes keep saying this to myself to keep my feet on the ground. Im thankful to be given to meet the people I’ve met, I’ve loved and those I’ve befriended with. Sorry mama, for always being ungrateful.

Shubi duap pappa..

Date : 4.11.2008
Time : 9.05 pm.

3 down, 2 more to go….coming up next is Business Ethics paper on 8/11 and Financial Management 1 the next day. But I don’t feel like studying right now. I went to JJ Wangse Maju after fiqh paper this afternoon. I want to add up more to Fairus presents. I end up buying a sunglass and a blouse for myself. I still got Fairus’s stuff though. I went looking for shoes too, a black peep toe shoe, instead a blue wedges sandals at Nose caught my eye. Still, I don’t know whether I should buy it or not.
Ow, Enon and Ima were there with me. The rest mrayap tempat len. Shepa n cit went to watch Hanayuri Dango movie at KLCC..nak tengok jugak! But it shows late in the evening, I’ve got things to do and I really, I mean really have to watch my spending. I have loads of things to buy but I’m running out of money so I allow myself to only ONE movie ticket. So I’ll save my pleasure for the last, which is after my final is over. Money! I need u! Ow, and the Sabahan girl went out with her father. That’s all I can crap for now. xoxo.

Finally, Pie's present.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tagged by fateha.

Fateha kate i've been tagged..n i need to answer this survey..
I dont really feel like doing it, tapi sebab ko cit, aku wat la..huhu

1. 7 ciri wanita/lelaki idaman anda
  • beriman
  • loyal
  • dependable
  • smart inside out.
  • caring
  • romantic
  • responsible n good with kids
2. 7 wanita/lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup
  • jiran sepermainan
  • skandal2 skola menengah
  • tom cruise ( this is way back in primary school, he was still handsome at that time)
  • chad micheal murray
  • noh hujan..hahaha
  • hafiz

3. 7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati.

  • over the moon
  • nervous
  • unsure (of what to wear, what to do)
  • thinking of what he thinks about me.
  • flattered
  • shy
  • feeling of accomplishment..haha

4. 7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda.

  • dimana- mana
  • saja
  • jadi
  • istimewa
  • bile
  • bersama
  • pasangan

5. 7 barangan sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda.

  • baju
  • jam
  • bear
  • cards
  • pictures of us
  • things that he likes
  • love and memories

6. 7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.

  • bertakhta di hati - Farahdiya
  • Ingkar - BCL
  • Berdua Lebih Baik - Acha
  • How can I live without u - Lee Anne Rimes
  • Simbiosis - Ella
  • Wherever U will go - The Calling
  • Because u love me - Celine Dion

7. 7 rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat PERIHAL 7 ini.WAJIB!!mereka musti diberitahu akan perihal ini heheh

  • shepa
  • ainon
  • jiha
  • ima
  • nabil
  • ino
  • fairus
    *name2 brikut adalah org yg agak berahsia dalam kisah2 mereka.

*sori la cit, klu aku jawab ntah ape2 jer..huhu~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My October was a bit hectic, weekdays are full with classes, quizes, assignments, test, presentation and all were due as final exams would start on the end of that month itself. Not to mention that it was the month of Eid, so there were constantly open houses every weekend. Im lucky to be bz, its like an escape zone from thinking about the problems i've gone through. During the 1st week of Syawal, of course i was at my kampung celebrating with my fams. It was at Selama, Perak my mum's side as always since nenek(papa's mother) passed away few years back.

2nd Week
It was at Ima’s. I went there with Fairus, Yan, and Tira. We went a bit late dari shepa nye rombongan, but we arrived there first. Huhu~ dah makan2 siap n they arrived about half an hour later.

3rd week
I have four raya open houses to attend that day but time won’t let me. It was Awe’s (which she had constantly reminded me) after Asar, Sarah’s after 4, Juliana’s at 8 and my persatuan Silat Cekak Malaysia also at nite. Because of the time and my silat buddies (pqa, pie, k.alya) also x pergi, I cancel out Silat’s raya feast from my schedule. I went to the others instead. I rather share my joy with my close circle of frens to awe’s, jue’s and sarah’s than socializing with random people. Call me introvert, call me anything. That’s just me.

I don’t feel like going to Ija’s because I had to get my assignments done, loads of work to do. But at the end, they manage to persuade me to go.. “ala, g lunch je, kjp je, mkn free pastu balik la”.

*pics will be uploaded later

4th week

Cit felt like wanting to do open house herself but since everyone couldn’t come, (may I remind u back, finals is at the end of this month, so everybody was kinda bz) die x jadi buat. Naj invited us to her sister's open house at 3. Everyone was not at uia, so I just went there with Shepah only for a short while. No pictures taken.