Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eye Candy

Sorry guys for being cheezy and la, posting celeb's pics plak...but i can't help it, his hotness is overwhelming. (hahaha..statement xbley bla)ow, but minus the hairy chest..Well, i noe he's not cit's cup of tea..she once said she prefered Chase Crawford over him. What? duh..(now i become more n more lame discussing celebs plak, haish..)N Kadeq, jgn suke2 cakap taste aku cam bangla eh...
Ima mesti totally setuju ngan aku..hello, hello..kan ima? (haha, xpasal) Cheers to imah!

*so what about u guys? who's your celebrity crush? aku dh tau dh shepah, anas tahir..haha, bocor rahsia.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MAS Hospitality?

Ini adalah muke pelanggan yg berpuas hati. This is not me. Jangan keliru.

The only good things i can say about MAS is the food. Owh, n the stewards are ok, mesra dan servis baik. The stewardess on the other hand, sux, big time. This is what u get when u gave me poor services. haha.

Incident 1

Kepala de sikit pening, Utusan that i took was left unread. Ainon took Utusan as well. Before we take our nap, kami selit Utusan in our front compartment. Aku dah jage bile die ckp akan mendarat kat labuan bla2..The stewardes began collecting the newspapers when Ainon is still sleeping. She took mine n i said;

ME: Lagi 1 tu biar dulu la (refering to Enon's coz i wanted to read it)

STEWARDES: Bile nak bace? (still waiting for me to pass it)

(kerek gile, suke ati la nak bace bile2...but i still hand it to her. Plane tu mendarat di Labuan lebey kurang setengah jam pas tu n we were on the same flight to KK. Klu aku nak bace pon sempat je..keco.)

Incident 2

Kami transit di labuan sebelum ke KK selama 40 minit n for that time being, kami hanya stay on board while the plane is less than half full. Keluarlah si stewardes tadi with her tray of orange juice. Bile ingat balik, she's not offering us the juice pon tapi jalan straight je as i come to remember that Cit ask for it, "Kak, nak air bley"..then she stop. Some of us took the juice and Cit put her crumpled Ferrero Rocher wraper on the tray.

STEWARDES: Amik balik sampah tu bley tak? (cit amik balik, die blah)

KITORG: ( speechless, looking at each other) How rude is that??

Incident 3

Kat Sabah, MAS yg jage counter sungguh uncooperative(dgn isu lugage) dan sangat annoying, sy pon mls nak type lagi dan anda pon mls nak bace lagi dgn berkate "pahal Aniz type panjang2 ni, malas aku nak bace"...cume ape yg nak saye katekan, stewardess die ngn lelaki bley bagi senyuman yg manis, tapi dengan kami 9 gadis layan cam haram, how can i say..sexist to their own kind? With their owh-im-so-hot-but-kerek-so-smack-me-in-the-face look.

Kesimpulannya, by lowering the fares, its fine for MAS to cut the cost here and there, like collecting back the newspapers, but come on..'cutting' the quality of the services as well?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Land Below The Wind

Saya memang pemalas..that explains y after so many weeks of hols, i finally post an entry. Cite dh x nk post jgk. ahaks. Lihatlah aksi2 jakun kami 10 0rang, mmg x penah g Sabah pon, tp de 2 org tu penah la.

1st day : Not much going on, we just hang out n membute in kadek's room on the evening n went to Pasaraye Survey, 3 mins drive from her house at nite to find stuff 4 2morrow's bbq.

2nd day; bbq at Teluk Likas. It takes like forever 2 lite up the choal 4 bbq. Thanx to wonderwoman pie, after so many hours trying, we finally manage to have a decent bbq meal. Beautiful scenery, not so beautiful beach. Hehe, air hitam berpasir...its so euw but we played with it anyhow. Ptg tu, we went to UMS, i got to c Nabil! rindu ko. After Magrib, we went back to Kadek's.

3rd day; Kundasang, Gerai Pekan Nabalu, War Memorial, picnic at Hotspring Poring.... my fav place of all is the the war memorial..the garden, the views is simply magical.

4th day; Lunch at Tanjung Ara, the food is just ok, but the place is nice. We went to One Borneo, they got to meet Rosyam Noor coz there happened to b an audition there but pie, me, tiqa n teha were cruising the mall 4 different mission; find cit's sandals n tiqa's bag. We went to pasar ape ntah at nite where they were loads of merchandise lah, rambang mata but i already got mine at Pekan Nabalu so i didnt spent much there. We spent the nite at Marina Court.

5th day; The day i've been waiting for, Pulau Manukan. 1st time kot naik bot rasenye, my 1st time snorkeling, and banana boat..haha. Having to enjoy it with your beloved frens is priceless. My awful sunburn is totally worth it. After Asar we went to Pasar Philiphine, and had our dinner at Sutera Harbour, a treat by Azah yg baik hati, ima's fren.

6th day; Pasar Philiphine, checkout from Marina Court to Kadek's. KKIA-KLIA, dinner at Rawsha Ampang, HOME SWEET HOME.

Thanx to each of u that make this an enjoyable trip. Not just the places we've been, the journey dlm unser yg sumbat 10 org tu pon fun. Gazilion thanx to Kadek n fam for their generosity and kindness. What a beautiful experience.=)