Saturday, December 12, 2009


Since new moon are released, everyone is buzzing more on the two heroes than on the story
itself. agree? well i bet most of you know the heroes are divided, they are apponents. guess who's side im taking? (haha, im being lame, as always!). im with.....

Team Jacob! Before watching it, im into edward sebab konon2 macam cool, but i changed side. Hehe. Sebab, character Jacob yg sweet gile nak mati, boleh dapat kencing manis diabetis. Body hot tu tolak tepi lah, lagho2. haha. Bile sorang tu sweet, die automatically cute. Got it?

Being a wolve, badan Jacob panas je. Bella sejuk, and he kinda said she can hold on to him to keep her warm. (well, something like that) Ok, ni sweet tapi belom kawin x payah la, insaf2. haha.

He's trying hard to protect the girl. Eventhough Bella refuse to listen to him and knowing that he's entering the vamps territory where he, being the wolve could not do anything, Jacob refuse to back down, sanggup ikut je, he said "I wanna make sure u'r safe". Ow, sweet.

Yes, his love for her is genuine and intense. When Alice is taking Bella to save Edward, he said "please don't go"..."Please, im begging u". Sweetness yg membunuh. Dah, stop jiwang2.

p/s: ade yg kata new moon tahi. haha.

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