Monday, December 27, 2010

Azwan Ismail casual confession

Asyik bukak youtube je last couple of weeks, that i saw "eh ade Malaysia la kat Most Popular ni home page Youtube"...the title is a bit long that the few last words do not appear, out of curiosity i clicked...
surprise, surprise~...Azwan Ismail, SAYA GAY SAYA OK...its been a week now since i first saw it and sampai la dah kuar Utusan pon tadi...the video is tag under activism everyone..ape yang mereka atau seksualitimerdeka ni perjuangkan....tentulah seks songsang. kalau straight nak perjuang2 ape lagi, dah memang betol.

He quotes Shahnon Ahmad yang kite yang berhak bagitau apa yang kita nak jadi and goes on saying that all other people, ustaz semua tu been telling from the point of view of heterosexual...mine you, we're telling you the true revelation of Allah the Almighty, not from our own heterosexual view, but our firm belief in Allah and Islam, if you still share the same faith. Surely, He doesnt underline what we can or can't do for no reason....gays are more susceptible of sexually transmitted diseases sebab bila luar tabi'i, it will cause trauma to certain part which later encourage the entry of micro-organism, if they do have sex with their partners. I dont actually need to know the nitty gritty so long that i believe Allah, the all known who sets the rule.

what they are trying to do is that, urging the gays out there to find strength and support (in a way buat komuniti supaya ade backup la geng ramai2 kan) to be able to go out there and be confident about their sexual orientation (that is clearly against the norms, thats why they hv to go all the way like this), hold on to what they feel, that gay is fine and confidently tell others about it like its no big deal and its not wrong what so ever. Jangan la jadi kaum luth, not in Malaysia Azwan, not here...

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