Thursday, December 9, 2010

Macam2 la kau nih!

i have the thing in me where i got inspired through jealosy...hahahah. Bukan la, its a mere admiration on people who can do certain things i cant, have talent or skills that i dont, creativity, behaviour, knowledge, outlooks and principle, will and abilities to make a difference, fashion sense, ape2 lah that makes them look awesome...if people were to ask me who/what inspires you in life, i would say just anyone....most of the times, perasaan kagum tu resulted from seeing everyday people, usually around my age who can accomplish such things, or have such things...because they in some way give me hopes, macam sesiapa je pon boleh...

Intro macam ape tapi sebenarnye nak cakap ritu tengok gamba kawan post ape yang die masak2, pastu tgk gamba dekat restaurant sambil telan2 air liur, pastu tibe2 rase nak try2 jugak new recipe...kalau kat rumah En. Majid ni, our everyday meal mesti kene ade sambal. wajib! kalau x, adik-bradik x makan... sambal ikan bilis, sambal kentang, smbal sotong, ayam pedas, sambal telur, daging, u name it as long as it is sambal. So tibe2 rase nak experimenting and this is the result...

Lemon Butter Chicken

la? nak citer tu je ke? yes, finally dah ade update. hahah...reason being, i dont want to post anything yet selagi xtukar blog punye look...bosan dah. but i was soooooo lazy to change it. but i think i hv many things to share...bye!

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